Culinary interchange at the Triefer Hof

A particular concern of ours at the Triefer Hof is to give our guests lots of wonderful impressions, unique experiences and heartfelt moments, which they can then take home with them.

At our Hof, our guests learn many South Tyrolean customs originating from tradition and culture, from agriculture and animal husbandry and also from South Tyrolean cuisine.
South Tyrolean cuisine now numbers among the best in the entire world, as it combines tradition with trend, while attaching great importance to freshness and quality. It is therefore not surprising that South Tyrolean bacon is to be found in delicatessen shops in New York City or that South Tyrolean cookery books are compiled in over 20 languages.

However, we don’t just want to acquaint our guests with South Tyrolean culinary specialities, we’re also happy for any interchange of the favourite dishes or typical specialities of our guests and their home town or native country.

We exchange recipes in a collaborative cookery course and get to know our mutual culinary customs.