Honey & bee products

Small, inconspicuous, but yet very industrious helpers on our farm are our bees. They pollenate the innumerable blossoms of our fruit plants and flowers from the garden, meadow, field and forest and are thus an indispensable component of our nature and make a major contribution towards its biodiversity and further existence.

After such complex and impressive work of our bees, we are also allowed to extract part of their delicious honey in summer. This is gently treated in our processing room, with no external influences, centrifuged and filled in glasses. Due to the alpine diversity and our location at 1,300 m above sea level, this results in a rare but extremely tasty and und authentic product: our blossom and forest honey.

The simple insertion of a grid in the beehive results in the extraction of the very valuable propolis, a resin-like mass produced by bees with an antibiotic, antiviral and antimycotic effect, which the bees use to seal the bee hive. We use this valuable raw product to produce our propolis tincture (with alcohol).

Another product of our bees is flower pollen, which they collect as nourishment for their brood. They cast off a small portion of this at the hive entrance holes, which is then dried and cleaned by us. It serves as an ideal tasty and healthy refinement to our yoghurt.

And to ensure that all the products of our honey extraction are used expediently and prudently, any superfluous beeswax is melted down into beautiful, fragrant candles. However, the latter can also be used to produce various healing ointments.

Watch young male farmer Martin at work when cultivating his bee colonies. You’ll be amazed at the bustle and industrious work of these small farm creatures.


A selection of our bee products:

  • Blossom and forest honey
  • Propolis tincture
  • Flower pollen
  • Beeswax candles


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