Hof specialities

Sweet & savoury

Young female farmer Verena is also a talented and passionate cook. A lovely fragrance of freshly baked cakes, biscuits and bread constantly wafts from her kitchen. She attaches great importance to the use of farm produce and fresh ingredients. Every now and then, she makes a traditional South Tyrolean Apfelstrudel, the well-known Buchweizentorte (buckwheat cake) with cranberry jam, an exquisite Sahneroulade (cream roll), the ever so popular Schokoladen-Birnen Blechkuchen (chocolate & pear tray bake) and many other delicacies from the bakery. Savoury bread rolls and salty snacks as an accompaniment to the South Tyrolean Brettlmarende (hearty snack) are also baked and served with our home-made cheese. Verena also enjoys trying out new things, which she then combines with the traditional…


  • South Tyrolean Brettlmarende – the traditional “Jause” in South Tyrol, served with Schüttelbrot (a flat, brittle type of bread), cheese, sausage specialities, South Tyrolean bacon, chutneys and pickled vegetables. The traditional way to enjoy it is with a glass of good South Tyrolean red wine or with apple juice.
    On request, we serve our guests a hearty South Tyrolean Brettlmarende in our parlour.
  • Cheese tasting – As a cheese sommelier, young male farmer Martin invites all the guests to a tasting of a South Tyrolean cheese variety.