Four generations at the Hof

The Triefer Hof, a traditional farm, has now been family-owned by the Silbernagl Family for more than four generations.

A document from 1288 mentions for the first time in writing, that the Triefer Hof is being worked on. Much later, The Hof was purchased by Paul Silbernagl, the great-grandfather of the current young male farmer Martin, much later, in 1905. He and his wife Maria raised eight children there, the eldest son Anton of which took over the Hof in 1953 to then manage and live there with his family. His two children were involved in farm life from the very beginning and were expected to roll up their sleeves and get on with it when it came to stable work, as well as working on the meadows and in the forest. In the third generation, son Florian, the current old farmer, took over the Hof with his wife Olga in 1979, and still remains a passionate agriculturalist today. The marriage resulted in three children, the oldest son Martin of which took over the Hof together with his wife Verena in 2014. The two of them are now the fourth generation to continue running the historic Hof and are also introducing contemporary innovations, leading to an upgrade of the farm’s current state and permitting a successful symbiosis of agriculture, cattle breeding and husbandry, as well as holidaying on the farm.

A traditional farm with a long farm history and a great passion for life with and in nature.

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